Golden Triangle

16.11.2018 - 25.11.2018 (no places)
17.03.2019 - 26.03.2019

India is an incredibly diverse country, which can offer ancient history, giant mountains, endless beaches, spiritual practices, sacred places, national parks and much more, it can be explored endlessly. If you like exotics, you definitely need to visit it. In this tour, we would like to invite you to visit the most memorable places in the country and to experience their amazing contrasts. We will start from the very heart of the country - lost in time Delhi, and, moving from one ancient city to another, reach the sacred Pushkar.
10 days
With private transport only for our group
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Starting with the noisy Delhi, we will go along the Golden Triangle of India, see the famous Taj Mahal, tour the amazing state of Rajasthan, celebrate Holi in Pushkar and enjoy the incomparable country's atmosphere
10-12 person
Optimum group size for a fun company and a lack of crowd around you
in detail
Tour Program
Day 1
Arrival in Delhi, meeting, acquaintance, acclimatization in the noisy atmosphere of the city, dinner in a panoramic rooftop restaurant overlooking the night lights of the Main Bazaar - a picturesque place where most of the city's hotels are located and where we will stay for the night.
Day 2
Today we study the historic Old Delhi region. We visit the main mosque of the city, incredibly photogenic Jama Mashad. Then we go to the Red Fort of Lal-Kila, a giant military citadel. After that, we go to the old part of the city and visit the Spice Market - a very exotic and interesting place. There we will go up to one of the secret places on the roof, from where in the light of sunset you can see stunning views of Delhi, the market itself and flocks of pigeons flying around in circles. We finish the day in authentic restaurant, where you can taste traditional Indian cuisine.
Day 3
In the morning we go to Akshardham - a sacred place, the largest in the world Hindu temple, on the territory of which you will feel real calmness and peace. Then we visit the Khumayun Mausoleum, the second most important mausoleum in India after Taj Mahal. In the afternoon we go to the Lotus Temple, a modern building with an unusual design, made in the style of expressionism. In the evening we leave for Agra.
Day 4
Agra is the city where the main attraction of India is - the great Taj Mahal. No visitor stays indifferent after seeing this pearl of Muslim art does, and many people come to India solely to enjoy this architectural miracle. You will have enough time to view it from all angles. After that we visit Agra Fort and the Central Mosque of the city. In the evening we move to Pushkar.
Day 5
Pushkar is a small beautiful town, which is one of the main sacred places of pilgrimage in Hinduism. Here one can feel a special sense of appeasement. In the center of the city there is a sacred lake, around it are mountains, valleys and panoramic views. Everywhere there are restaurants on the roofs, entourage cafes and meditative tea houses, which we will certainly visit. We will settle in a small hotel with a swimming pool, so you can relax after a march-throw through the main sights of the country. In the evening we go up to the mountains to watch the sunset.
Day 6
Pushkar is the best place in the country to celebrate Holi - the annual Hindu festival of spring and colors, the most colourful, unusual and cheerful holiday in India. On this day a lot of people from all over the country come here. From the very morning the city turns into a parade of all colors of the rainbow, people scatter in all directions a special easily flushed powder, coloring each other in incredible combinations of colors.
For the duration of the festival we reserve the best viewpoint on the roof in the center of the city, but if you wish, you can also freely navigate the surroundings. The celebration lasts throughout first half of the day, then we rest in the hotel or walk around the lake.
Day 7
Moving to Jodhpur - the so-called 'Blue City', famous for the fact that almost all buildings here have a characteristic blue color, as in the famous Chefchaouen in Morocco. We walk along the streets of the city and stop at authentic guest house with a restaurant on the roof and a beautiful panoramic view of the main fort of the city.
Day 8
We inspect Fort Mehrangarh, an incredibly beautiful and majestical fortress. Perhaps it is the most beautiful fort in all India. Then we go to Jasvan-Thada - the tomb of ancient Jaipur lords, built out of white marble. It also offers a beautiful panoramic view of the fort. Afterwards we take a walk in the park of dendrology.
Day 9
Moving to Delhi. Departure home.
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  • Transport on the whole route
  • Tickets for all toll attractions and activities, except for separately indicated cases
  • Services of guides
  • Escort and any assistance on the whole route, including interpreter services in restaurants, hotels, shops and any other places where you might need it

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