Nepal. Annapurna
Base Camp

27.10.2018 - 11.11.2018
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We invite you to join us in a fascinating trek that will pass through the tropical jungle, fabulous rhododendron forests, green rice terraces and sparkling snow-capped mountain peaks to eventually lead us to our final goal, the famous Annapurna Base Camp - the cradle between the highest peaks, the point from where professional climbers begin there ascent. This track is on the list of the best hiking routes in the world, and not for nothing: the views that you will admire in Nepal can hardly be compared with something else on the planet.
These 2 weeks you will remember for a lifetime.
So, in numbers:
16 days
With professional guides, highest mountains and breathtaking views
4130 metres
The height of Annapurna Base Camp - the peak point of our trek
Good price - you are unlikely to find such an offer with this package of services anywhere else
in detail
Tour Program
Day 1. Kathmandu
Arrival at Kathmandu, check in at the hotel. We purchase missing equipment, check backpacks and dine on the roof of one of the best panoramic restaurants in Kathmandu. Then we take a short walk through the evening city in the famous Tamel region and taste the most famous Nepalese dish.
Day 2. Kathmandu- Pokhara
We move to Pokhara - a picturesque resort town near the huge mountain lake Pheva. From this place, most of the tracks begin to Himalayas, already well seen from here. In the evening we walk along the lake and enjoy the tranquility of this atmospheric place.
Day 3. Pokhara- Nayapul- Uleri
In the morning we move to the village of Nayapul, where our trek begins. Through the stone steps we rise to the tropics, where dense jungles close instantly over our heads. Here, flowers blossom and exotic birds sing, while green terraces of rice plantations surround the villages. In this bright entourage we have to go over to the place of lodging - the village of Ulleri, where we are staying in the most picturesque guest house. From there, in good weather conditions, a beautiful view opens up to Southern Annapurna, Hinchuli and Machapuchkhare.
Day 4. Uleri - Gorepani
Further on, our way passes through the world's largest rhododendron forest. These forests are very old and many rhododendrons managed to grow to ten or more meters in height. When the rhododendron blossoms in spring, the forest turns into a fantastic thicket. Our destination for today, the village of Gorepani, is located on the saddle of a small pass, from where we will see the majestic view of South Annapurna and Himchuli.
Day 5. Gorepani - Punhill- Tadapani
Today we get up in the dark, at 5 am, in order to meet the dawn on the famous Punhill viewpoint. On top, a unique panorama of two mountain ranges will open for us: from the north we will see the Annapurna massif, and in the west one can see the majestic Dhaulagiri. After enjoying the views, we go down to Gorepani, where we have breakfast and start the way down through the rhododendron forests to the village of Tadapani.
Day 6. Tadapani - Chomrong
We continue our way towards the village of Chomrong - a beautiful view point where people who have free time stay for a few days to enjoy the panorama opening up from here. Our path will run through a deep ravine, then leading up and down trail. In Chomrong, you will have the opportunity to have a proper rest and swim in the thermal springs.
Day 7. Chomrong- Doban
On this day we will have a long transition through the stone steps. Passing a small village of Sinuva, we enter the zone of bamboo thickets. Our goal for today is Doban village, hidden in the midst of dense thickets of Bamboo.
Day 8. Doban - Deorali
Our path leads us further along the gorge of the Madi Khola River, where, crossing the bridges and admiring the cascading waterfalls, we reach the village of Deorali. Gradually, the nature around us changes. Forests give way to bushes and it becomes colder.
Day 9. Deorali - MBC
The path from the forest zone leads into the zone of alpine meadows, and we finally reach the legendary Machapuchkhare Base Camp (3,700 m). We'll be surrounded by steep slopes of mountains, and we'll have to bully our heads to see the sky. The only attempt to climb Machupuchkhare was undertaken in 1957 by an English expedition, but because of the weather, climbers were forced to turn back, not reaching last 50 meters till the peak. Since then, for religious reasons, it is forbidden by the government of Nepal to climb this mountain.
Day 10. MBC - ABC
The ascent to ABC is smooth, without steep sets of heights. Our route runs between the summits of Annapurna and the view of each one again takes your breath away. We are trying to capture in memory this stunning view. We reached the main goal of the trek. We spend the night in the Annapurna Base Camp.
Day 11. ABC - Bamboo
We get up at 6 am to meet the dawn and observe one of the most stunning panoramic views in Nepal. The base camp of Annapurna is located in a beautiful mountain amphitheater, surrounded on all sides by gigantic snow tops. From here you can observe the descent of avalanches, being at a perfectly safe distance. After enjoying the way the sun gradually colors the surrounding peaks in soft pink tones and examining the stupa set here, dedicated to the famous Russian mountaineer Anatoly Bukreev, we return to the guest house for breakfast. Then we leave the Annapurna Base Camp and again descend into evergreen thickets surrounding the village of Bamboo.
Day 12. Bamboo- Jinu Dada
We continue descending down to civilization. On this day our route lies, for the most part, along the already familiar trail. Chomrong will once again please us with a large number of bakeries with delicious pastries, and after lunch we will continue to descend to a place called Gina Dada, where hot thermal springs are located in just a 20-minute walk from the village, in the valley of the Modi Khola River. There are three swimming pools there, temperature inside reaches 40 degrees. After the lack of hot water in the high mountains of the Base Camp, there will be nothing more pleasant than to plunge into these natural baths.
Day 13. Jinu Dada - Pokhara
This is perhaps the easiest day of our trekking. We go down to the river Kimroong khola and cross it on a small bridge. The road passes among eternally green trees, palms, rice fields, hanging bridges and villages. By the middle of the day we will reach Suli Bazar, where a bus will take us to Pokhara.
Day 14. Pokhara
All day we are relaxing in Pokhara at Lake Pheva, go boating, go for a walk, swim, or just sit on the shore and meditate, restoring the energy spent during the trek. In the evening we are going to a festive dinner.
Day 15. Pokhara- Kathmandu
Drive to Kathmandu. Free time in the city.
Day 16
Flight back home
You won't find a price this good for such package of services anywhere else
The price includes:
  • Accommodation on the whole way
  • Paid transportation
  • Entrance fees and permits to enter the protected area
  • Tickets for all paid attractions and activities included in our program
  • Services of guides
  • Assistance in purchasing missing equipment
  • Briefing on the equipment, the features of behavior in the mountains and the prevention of mountain sickness, our route and all the nuances that you need to know on the track
  • Any necessary assistance on the whole rout

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The price excludes:
  • Airplane tickets (Your city - Kathmandu - Your city)
  • Meals (15-20 $ per day)
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Porter (optional - $ 16 per day)
Why us?
1. Experience

We have conducted many treks in Nepal and know these places well. We have a lot of experience in mountain hikes and we know all the nuances and pitfalls that a man unprepared for a hike can face. The specialists of the Out of Town agency will give you detailed recommendations on the trip and explain all the most important moments related to a high altitude.

2. Professional Guides.

Verified guides we work with carried out more than 100 treks in various Himalayan regions.

3. Best price

Our prices for treks are the best on the market, they are 30% lower than prices of the competitors, while we provide the same package of services. We achieve such favorable terms through a long-term cooperation with our partners in Nepal.

4. Special programs

Our treks in Nepal are different from standard ones, we always try to show you all the best places a particular route can offer and discard boring or less interesting things.

5. No pre-payment

You don't need to pay anything before. Buying a ticket to Nepal for the dates of the tour will be enough for booking. You can pay for the tour directly to your guide afrer he meets you in Kathmandu.
Can I make it?
We are more than sure that you can. This trip is suitable even for beginners. The program of our trek to Annapurna Base Camp is specially designed in such a way that every day we optimally combine time on the road and time for rest. There are no overnight stays in tents or in the wild on this track. Every 5-6 km on our way there will be mountain villages of local residents, where you can spend the night in guest house, eat, take a shower and so on. This is one of the most famous routes in the world, a large number of people pass it every year. So there is no need to worry. If you can, for example, walk around the native city for 6-7 hours without stopping, then you will handle this trip as well.
But our strong recommendation is to take a porter with you. This is a professional Nepalese man who will carry a heavy load of your things for you. It's a quite cheap service, but his help will be extremely important in the mountains. And of course, you need to bring with you all the necessary clothing and equipment mentioned in the list below. You can buy it either in advance, or just before the trek in Kathmandu, there are very good prices for such clothing and equipment on nepalese market.
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Necessary Equipment
The following things you need to have with you to feel comfortable during the track
storm water- and windproof with tightening high throat and hood with tightening bottom and sleeves
Thick Sweatshirt
fleece (or warm thick woolen sweater) with a high tight throat.
breathable synthetics or cotton, 2-3 pcs.
Thin Sweatshirt
polartek or fleece (or a thin woolen sweater) with a high tight throat
fleece or special sport ones, for trekking sticks
Walking trousers
breathable synthetics, cotton or other breathable fabric
60 literes
Trekking sticks
with length adjustment
0,5 or liter
Thermo underwear
bottom under the pants and top under the jacket
Wide Trousers
water- and windproof
3-5 pieces
Wool socks
in order to feel comfortable during the night
Trekking boots
necessarily already used at least couple of times
Sleeping bag
comfort zone -5
to change trekking boots inside
Chocolate bars
very useful during long walks
wide enough so that you can get in together with a backpack
Flashlight forehead
with new batteries
Special sports or ordinary, but with good protection
Sun cream
protection 50
toothbrush, paste, soap, small shampoo, toilet paper, deodorant
Cover for backpack
Take all you may need with you, during the track it can be very problematic to get a particular medicine
tightly covering the throat, very useful when the wind is strong
to protect your head from sun
Knee protection
if desired, nevertheless, it can be extremely useful in the event of problems with knees on the descents
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