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We make unique non-mass tours with our own programs. Creating a tour in a particular country, we always rely solely on our personal experience.
why go with us?
Only three reasons
First: Unique Program
We always offer you our own program, developed on the basis of the most impressive places that a particular country can offer.

We will never take you to a place that left us indifferent.
Second: Individual Approach
We are not mass tour operators and we do not carry a huge number of tourists around the world, stamping faceless tours "on a turn-key basis" and trying to make money via selling you souvenirs on the way. We organize private tours, trying to create the most authentic, fascinating and joyful atmosphere for our customers.
Third: Good Pricing
Our prices stand out among other offers on the Internet. We try to optimize our tours in such a way so to create the most favorable price / quality ratio.
Elijah Gorelov
Traveling is a long-time passion. Visited 35 countries.

We made this project with the understanding of how difficult it is to organize a really interesting and diverse journey for yourself when you have to face limited vacation time and a certain budget. Addressing to the mass tour operators, you always risk loosing in quality, while independent planning is something extremely time-consuming, given the fact that most people need to carve out free time between work and personal life. And if you do that, you are still not sure that the program you have compiled for a couple of weeks of laborious work will be really feasible. We create tours basing on our personal experience and polishing them to a shine - throwing out less interesting parts and optimally assembling all the best, creating for you a concentrated mixture of incredible places and unforgettable impressions.

Those who traveled with us share their experience
I went on a tour to India with Out Of Town team, and I was left insanely happy, these guys are just great! They managed to create a truly interesting and diverse program. Every day was very intense, not a single day was like the one before, all the time we saw new places, events, impressions, one brighter than the other. My next vacation is certainly with you again!
I was in Nepal with the guys trekking the Annapurna Circuit. It was a fantastic trip, and I catch myself with a smile on my face even now when I write about it a week after returning home. The whirlwind of amazing and colourful events swept through these two weeks of vacation and left me with beautiful memories. Everything was very sincere, exciting and interesting, thank you!
Dasha Efimova
Nearly a month after the end of our trip to Nepalese Himalayas, I can say with certainty: these trips make us stronger in both the spiritual and physical sense, they help us make strong-willed decisions in business and personal life ... Personally, I met the part of myself that I didn't see before, or I ignored it. I really enjoyed all of it, thank you!
Valentin Perepelkin
Our trip to Nepal with Out of Town turned out really cool! Everything around us was incredibly, unbelievably beautiful, so the complexity of the track itself fell into the background. We visited the famous lake Tilicho - crazy beautiful place, the special idea of the guys for the route! Our group was amazing and I feel really lucky to meet all these people, during the trip we all became friends and felt like one team. All overnight stays in the mountains were also very comfortable. I really liked that we had enough time to rest, a good balance was observed between the time on the road and time to rest.
Olga Forofontova
After our trip to Tibet, I can say one thing: for organization, attention to detail and responsiveness - definitely 10 out of 10. Thank you very much for these two weeks in another reality! I have only one question left: what's the point of going somewhere by myself now, if I can go with Out of town again and completely avoid different problems, curved routes and bad excursions?
Igor Kuzmin
The journey through Nepal was wonderful! Especially, of course, I was impressed by the trekking in the mountains itself. I was very pleased with my vacation with Out of Town. Organizational part of the trip, provided program, work of the guides - everything was on top. This trip stirred up the real craving for travel in me. I can't wait to go to new unexplored areas now, and already starting to look for new directions to visit!
Дмитрий Калинников
Our journey through Istanbul and Cappadocia touched my soul deeply. While we were visiting more and more amazing places, I caught myself thinking that I completely disconnected from work and fuss, and plunged into the fascinating atmosphere of a foreign country. Closer to the end of the tour, I realized that the smile is just not coming off my face - there were a lot of emotions. Thank you very much for this trip, for unforgettable impressions and a sensitive personal approach!
Ekaterina Kalizhnikova
There are many things that could be written about Nepal and the unique experience that I received, but I will not :) This is the place which you need to see with your own eyes. I just want to say a big thank you to the guys, without their cheerful and reliable company it's now impossible for me to imagine this brethtaking beauty of immense mountains!
Anton Efimov
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